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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some answers to some common questions about DSA and DSA assessments. We hope they are helpful and that we’ve answered any questions you may have.

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What is DSA?

DSA stands for Disabled Students’ Allowance and is a grant that can help pay for extra support and equipment, during Higher Education, for those who need it as a direct result of a disability.

How do I book an assessment?

If you take a look at the ‘Book an Assessment’ tab you will find all necessary detail you need in order to go through the booking process.


Do I pay for the assessment?


The assessment is funded through DSA. The cost of your assessment comes out of your ‘general allowance’ so does not affect the amount available towards your support.

How soon can I have an assessment?

We can usually offer an assessment within 3 working days, though this will vary depending on the time of year and your requirements.

Sadly we cannot assess you without having received the required documents, before your assessment. Take a look at point 3 on our Assessment Overview page for more information on that.

How long does an assessment take?

The assessment lasts around 1.5-2 hours. This can vary depending on your needs.

Our assessment team will be able to guide you more accurately if you would like to get in contact for more information on this.

What happens during the assessment?

Your DSA assessment is a relaxed and informal discussion with an experienced assessor.

You will talk about your studies and any difficulties you have, or additional needs that you may require, due to you disability.

You will be shown different pieces of equipment and support, depending on your needs, and together you and your assessor will work out what the best option may be for you.

Do I need to do anything before the assessment?

Please send us a copy of your medical evidence and your DSA approval letter.

We will also send you a pre-assessment form to complete and return to us before your appointment. This can also be downloaded below:

Can I bring someone to the assessment with me?

Yes, you are welcome to bring someone along with you. If you are able to let us know in advance,
that would be great, this is just so that we can let your assessor know who to expect.

How do I get the equipment / training / other support recommended in my report?

You will be sent a letter from your Funding Body, authorising funding (called a DSA 2 letter) and in this letter it will explain the process for the provision of equipment.

The process for arranging your support can vary, so please do follow the specific instructions on your DSA 2 letter, but as a general guide:

For equipment:

  • Contact the supplier(s) mentioned in the DSA 2 letter, and provide them with the relevant quote number(s)
  • You need to send the supplier(s) a copy of the letter from the funding body authorising funding or equipment
  • The supplier(s) will provide equipment directly to you. The supplier(s) will invoice the funding body directly

For non-medical helper support (study skills tutors, mentors and technology trainers):

  • Contact the supplier(s) mentioned in the DSA 2 letter, and provide them with the relevant quote number(s)
  • The supplier(s) will provide equipment directly to you. The supplier(s) will invoice the funding body directly

For other types of payment (e.g. printing allowances):

  • You will need to pay this cost upfront. Make sure you keep all your receipts, then send these to your Funding Body, with a claim form from your Funding Body website
  • The Funding Body will pay you back. Please do not arrange / purchase any support unless your funding body has confirmed they will fund it

Aim Assessments are happy to help answer any questions related to this process.

Who can I speak to about the assessment or my DSA?

You can contact our admin team on 0113 357 0495 or We are more than happy to talk through things, with you, answer any questions and help you with anything you may need!

What do I do if I want to complain?

We are always here to discuss any issues you may have and a Centre Manager will make every effort to be available to discuss any issues you may have. If you have a formal complaint then details of the process to follow can be found HERE.

We take any complaint very seriously, no matter how small or large, and will support you through our complaints procedure if required.

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